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Get Things Done with These Top 5 Productivity Apps in 2022!

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We all struggle with remaining productive throughout the day. But thanks to productivity apps, we’re getting better at it. With so many apps available on the market, picking the best ones that work for you is difficult.

This is why we’ve rounded up our favorite 5 productivity apps you can’t miss out on. Check them out below:

  • Hive

Known as one of the best productivity apps on the market, Hive is continuously making waves for the way it improves productivity and ethic on day-to-day. The mobile app syncs with the web and desktop application and easily makes sure your productivity is at the top throughout the day. Hive allows team members to collaborate and communicate in real-time, share files. Check schedules, to-do lists, project progress, and keep track of deadlines. The web and desktop version of Hive comes with more features to improve productivity. You can view any project in multiple different ways, including Kanban Board, Calendar, Gantt chart, and so on.

The whole team stays informed and up to date because all updates are reflected across all projects making sure all deadlines are achieved and tasks are completed.

  • Google Docs

If you’re tired of editing files and re-sharing them for changes over and over again, you’d be more than excited to use Google Docs. It’s a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to write and edit and save and send the file back and forth inside or outside of your company. Team members can work together anywhere and enjoy clear communication without the stress of handling multiple documents. The comment feature on the app highlights any notes about any parts of a text and makes sure everyone stays in the loop about any updates. With that said, the privacy and security of the document are also backed by Google. The owner of the document can decide who can view or edit the document.

  • Calendly

Sending emails back and forth to schedule meetings can be a handful of work. Thanks to Calendly, you never have to worry about scheduling meetings again. Just sign up on Calednly, sync your calendar and set your availability preferences and free time slots. And when you want to set a meeting with anyone, send them your Calendly link and they can decide the perfect time slot that works for them. No email threads or back and forth are involved. Isn’t that cool? You can do so much more with the time you save from scheduling meetings now.

  • IFTTT (If This Then That)

This automation tool is a perfect resource to have on your phone. It can connect multiple apps and experiences, from everyday tasks to specific activities. It can automate repetitive tasks and clear some room for you to focus on other more important tasks and projects. It’s free of cost and is available on both iOS and Android.

  • Forest

Forest is a perfect app for procrastinators who can’t put down their phones and have a hard time focusing on one task. So it works like this: whenever you’re too distracted on your phone and want to focus on the task at hand, open the Forest app and simply plant a tree. For it to grow, you need to avoid touching your phone. It will grow as long as you’re off your phone. The concept is quite interesting considering it will get your work done on time. If you exit the app before completing the task, the tree will die. It’s a rewarding game that will keep you focused on your daily goals without distractions!

  • Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking tool that is as intuitive and easy as a time tracking app can be. It’s a great time tracking tool that is used by developers, organizations, artists, marketers, etc. It comes power-packed with amazing features like billable hours and custom reports that help streamline the workflow and identify time gaps.

To Wrap It Up

Identifying which apps work for your productivity is difficult, but with these 5 universal apps on your phone, you can instantly boost your productivity and achieve daily goals without any struggle! Just download them with Rise Broadband Internet and you’re good to go! Rise Broadband customer service will help you pick the perfect plan to download and run these apps smoothly!

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