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Renting the Eco Sail Catamaran from “Barcelona Boat Rental”

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Large ceremonial events are usually held in the banquet hall of a restaurant. However, this option has long become standard. For true originality, there’s hardly any place left. But there is an opportunity to create a real exclusive event. For this, it’s sufficient to choose a somewhat unusual venue for the event. One such option is to hold the event on the water by renting a catamaran in Barcelona

This can be said about the Eco Sail from the company “Barcelona Boat Rental”. Its services are particularly popular in Barcelona. The charter company rents vessels of different sizes for holding various events and romantic walks on board. One of these boats is the Eco Sail catamaran.

Eco Sail – the best place for an informal banquet

When many guests are expected at an event, people usually look for a restaurant with a well-equipped banquet hall. But the Eco Sail catamaran is an excellent floating restaurant, no less than any “land” catering establishments. In some respects, the vessel even surpasses any good restaurant in Barcelona.

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On board the boat, you can hold almost any banquet:

  • Graduation evening. The sea is the perfect place for a graduation party on board the catamaran, in an informal, friendly atmosphere, and will be long remembered and leave only pleasant memories.
  • Wedding dinner. A romantic sea trip with beautiful city views, a carefully selected menu, a tastefully decorated banquet hall, and the opportunity to invite many guests.
  • Corporate event. An informal atmosphere, an opportunity to discuss pressing company issues over lunch, and establish useful contacts.
  • Business meeting. On board the boat, you can hold a business forum, business meeting or conference with quality service in the banquet hall.
  • Anniversary. If you wish to celebrate an anniversary originally and lavishly, renting a catamaran is the perfect option. Guests will be amazed and pleased. The celebration will be a success and will be long remembered.

Main advantages

The main advantage of an event held on board a boat is its originality. The gentle rocking on the sea waves, the sounds of the sea, the pictures of the surrounding nature in the portholes and on deck – all this will leave no one indifferent.

The city is revealed from a completely different, unusual perspective from the water. From the side of the boat, you can see scenes that are not available even to the most keen and experienced observer on shore. In addition, it can comfortably accommodate 250 guests, which is no less than in the banquet hall of a typical restaurant.

Holding an event on board a yacht enhances its value. Such an event will be remembered for a long time by all participants.

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