Friday, April 19, 2024

The Benefits of Online Butchers in the UK

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You may have heard that after the height of the pandemic, many supermarkets started offering online shopping capabilities, but did you know that butchers did this also? Online butchers are a great idea for the busy people out there who still want quality cut meats, without the effort of going in-store. 

It’s Time Efficient

Your life is busy. It’s no surprise, after all, almost everyone is in a hurry, and taking time out to go all the way to the butcher can be tough. This is where online shopping comes in handy, you can order your meat whenever you want it, and it’ll be at your door in no time.

Cut out the time waiting at the butchers in line, and just buy online!

Better Quality Meats

Another key benefit when you buy online, and perhaps one of the most important to your overall health is the quality of the meat. When you order directly from the butchers, you’re getting the best quality meat guaranteed. This means you get restaurant-quality meats right at home. 

It’s Convenient 

Shopping online can be done anytime. This means you can buy meat on your lunch break at work, or on the phone when you’re on the train home. The place and the time don’t matter, and you no longer need to plan around your other commitments. 

It Helps You Budget

When you shop online, your virtual cart keeps track of your spending. So if you see yourself overdoing it, you can scale back some of your purchases and stick to the budget. When you go in-store, however, your eyes may be bigger than your wallet, and you may overspend based on sales tactics and excitement for new things. In addition to this, there are likely to be much better deals online when you shop, with first-time buy discounts, coupon codes and free shipping often available. 

Easily Plan Your Meals

Shopping for meat online can help you plan meals. All you need to do is browse the meats until you find something interesting, and then look up on Google if it’ll suit your next weekly dinner or lunch. For example, if you go online and see Parsons Nose’s beef Wellington is on sale, you may wonder what meal it would suit, and then organise it for the next weekend’s dinner as a treat. On the other hand, if you’re on a diet, you can stick to it, by buying it online. 

Better Choices Available

When you shop online, you’ll have access to meats and cuts you never even knew existed. Because online butchers usually source from a variety of farms, they can also offer a variety of meat, and this gives you more to play with when it comes to mealtimes. 

Everything’s Transparent

Most online butchers pride themselves in their partnerships with local farms. This means, on their website, you should be able to see which farms they are getting produce from, by name, or at least by location. This honesty and transparency are rare in the meat market, as most physical butcher stores won’t even disclose this information. Be on the lookout for online bitchers like working with locals. 

It’s Delivered to You

Buying meat online does one thing that nothing beats and that is delivery to your door. You may wonder how a butcher can deliver to you, but they often have their own delivery driver, who brings you meat from a refrigerated truck to your door at a set time when you’re guaranteed to be home, or they deliver in a refrigerated box.

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