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The different types of industrial heating systems.

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Industrial heaters are more complicated than domestic ones, and they’re generally larger. They must keep people comfortable while also maintaining the material of the facility and its contents from condensation. 

They must also maintain the fabric of the building and its contents free from condensation to protect delicate industrial operations and materials as well as people. Radiant heating or warm air heater

In a large warehouse or factory, where our water heating and/or boilers would be used for Commercial office spaces/washrooms, they would not be utilized in the manufacturing process. 

Some businesses or industries require industrial boilers to handle manufacturing processes.

We primarily sell and install warm air heaters, which are suspended at a high level, but we can also supply dependent tube heating, warm air cabinet heaters, or Air rotation units. 

An air rotation heating system works in an entirely different manner from other warm air heating systems.

Hot Water Heater

“Continuous flow hot water heaters” ensure that only as much water as is required is heated. 

As a result, once you turn on the tap, the heating elements detect your demand and help to deliver the desired quantity of hot water. 

The flow will be stopped when the requirement for hot water reduces until you need it again. This energy-

Rinnai water heaters are the world leader in water heater manufacturing, with cutting-edge Lo-NOx technology that reduces carbon emissions and is future-proofed to accommodate a blend of up to 30% Hydrogen with 70% Natural Gas.


Combination boilers, or combi boilers, are the most popular boiler in the United Kingdom.

Commercial combi boilers, which are often installed as a single wall-mounted appliance, are extremely small and highly efficient, not only generating all of the heating requirements but also hot water for sanitary purposes such as bathing and showering, and washing up, food preparation, hand washing, etc. 

They allow you to save money on installation expenses while also ensuring lower running costs, making them the ideal option for big domestic homes or commercial applications where both heating and hot water are required.

The Combi System’s revolutionary design eliminates the need for a hot water storage cylinder, making it the ideal option for properties with little space. 

When turning on the hot tap, it heats water instantly and completely, so there is no need to store hot water. Learn everything you need to know about combi boilers here.

Warm Air Heater

The Warm Air Heating Solution is the ideal option for heating garages, factories, and warehouses. A warm air heater utilizes a vent to draw heat from the outside air and toast it over a gas flame. 

These heating systems are usually controlled by a thermostat. Factory Heaters has the ideal Warm Air Heating solution for you.

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