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Amaze Yourself with the MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill by BBQ 2u

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BBQs 2u stocks and sells Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, Kamado Joe BBQs, Blackstone Griddles UK, Ooni Pizza Ovens, Napolean Barbecues, and all the amazing Kamado Joe Accessories and Naploean accessories.

The team of BBQs 2u are very passionate about making barbecues and they have amazing deals and knowledge on grilling, which is shared with the customers.

There is BBQ for everyone and everyday you can get your hands on the best charcoal and gas whatever you are in need of. Make sure to take a look at the best Kamado Joe Classic 2 BBQs and Kamado Joe classic 3 BBQ.

In case you are cooking for a big crowd, you should check out the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 And Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 for amazing large area of cooking.

If you are looking for a convenient Masterbuilt portable Charcoal grill in the market, you should get one from BBQS 2u as it might be what you want.

They have made the grill in a way that it will protect your investment made on this Portable Charcoal Grill From Rain, Sun, Snow, and sleet with a durable cover that is water resistant.

The master built portable charcoal grill and smoker gets an unmatchable flavour of charcoal with a hint of gas BBQ on the go.

There is no need to adjust the coal to fix the perfect temperature instead just dial the steady Temp and maintain the desired temperature for the next two hours.

The master built portable charcoal grill has inner features that have a PVC liner, which prevents tearing and double stitched seams will avoid problems like leaking. The buckles help in keeping the covers in their place when it is installed.

There are even seams that are durable and double stitched to keep it safe from leaking and maintain the brand new look and provide protection from the elements.

The PVC liner added in the interior prevents fading of the outer cover and the straps being adjustable keeps things in place when the grills are left covered. All their grills are available with quick Collapse that are removable. For them to be easier and quick to fold.

Along with the side shelves available on both the sides you have extra space for the preparation and beverages.

They do even provide a beverage holder to make it convenient enough. With the Master built portable charcoal grill you can master charcoal grilling in the most simplest way possible.

The charcoal mini hopper can hold around 1.5 lbs of briquettes and 1lb of the tiny lump for close to 4 hours of usage. Removable and foldable quick Collapse cart. They have lockable lids to shift the grill after cooking without disposing of ashes on the site.

It includes two shelves on the slides that have a beverage holder giving extra space for preparation.

Charge the grill will the cord set included or you can even use (4) AA batteries for a life of 6 hours. BBQs 2U provides the best of products and services with amazing tricks and tips to make grilling easier.

So make sure to get a Master Built Portable Charcoal Grill for an amazing grilling experience.

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